1. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    They were going with ‘Believe in Your Ping Pong Training Day’ right up to the last minute

  2. cc

    I believe I’d be happy to wake up beside her.

  3. it had to be said

    I have a great idea for that paddle, Shay. Hint: it does not involve ping-pong.

  4. El Jefe


  5. Is “believe in your smellf” the ACTUAL name of this event? For real?

  6. I’d ping her pong!!!

  7. Jake

    I just double faulted on my monitor.

  8. jim

    It wasn’t the handle! I’ve been shitting pancakes ever since!

  9. lily

    very cute!

  10. Sheppy


  11. FanGirl

    I love her. I watch pretty little liars and she plays a hot lesbo :D

  12. tlmck

    Mario Lopez has a sister?

  13. Vanilaface

    Looks like an exotic Kristin Cavallari…

  14. Mike

    I guess you can say I’m a heterosexual male who doesn’t mind “Pretty Little Liars”. With Ashley Benson’s boobs and this fine Asian American beauty, why not?

  15. “Ping Pong… is not the macarena. It takes patience. She is like a fine, well-aged prostitute… it takes years to learn her tricks. She is cruel, laughs at you when you are naked, but you keep coming back for more, and more! Why? Because she is the only prostitute I can afford.”

  16. seriouslynow

    I’d hit that like a ginger stepchild.

  17. Bionic_Crouton

    Spank me!

  18. Dr. Ike

    No idea who she is but I would like to explore her holes.

  19. Raaaaaaaa

    ……..but where are the ping pong balls?

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