1. I bet you he smells like the vinyl seat in a McDonalds in the middle of summer on the equator.

  2. “I see dead careers”

  3. Johnny P!

    Suit from Sears, shoes from Payless, beverage stains on the shirt…
    Guess the royalties from Blu-Ray rentals of ‘The Sixth Sense’ are pretty low now that everyone knows Bruce Willis’ character is already dead…

  4. Contusion

    I see short people.

  5. EricLr

    Looks like the ghost of Michael Jackson is still drooling on his shirt.

  6. looks like someone got yanked off mommy’s teat a little too quickly

  7. cc

    New Batman character ‘Smallface’.

  8. Did someone just shoot a load on his chest? He might be taking this “Outfest” thing too seriously.

  9. El Jefe

    Don’t let the producer blow all over you and if they do for god’s sake change your shirt.

  10. Just so we get this out of the way, the correct term is “Down Syndrome”.

  11. Looks like his newest film, “Forever Seven” didn’t do too well…

  12. broduh jenner

    haley joel hasbent

  13. tlmck

    Must be a kind photographer. The wall behind him is only 4 feet tall.

  14. Dr. Fullabull

    Same eyes as the cartoon version of Ringo in Yellow Submarine.

  15. vgrly

    That is sooo embarassing…

  16. Is he 4 feet tall?

  17. The Pope

    I imagine this is what George Costanza looked like in his 20′s.

  18. Contusion

    He always looks like they took all of his facial features and compacted them into a smaller space in the middle of his head.

  19. dboffer

    I can’t imagine why he hasn’t made it as a leading man yet.

  20. “No, actually, I prefer it that you shoot me from such a high angle. I wouldn’t mind getting some of Peter Dinklage’s offers.”

  21. Hmmm. That didn’t come out right. Take two.

    “No, actually, I prefer it that you shoot me from such a high angle. I wouldn’t mind getting some of the work Peter Dinklage has been offered.”

  22. bigalkie

    Imagine.. A weird looking kid grows up to be a weird looking young man..

  23. His sister is a fucking bombshell though. Her body is tight!

  24. Didja see what he went to watch? Huh? Didja?

  25. sadness

    you guys are mean as hell :(

  26. squishy

    Looks like the “Walk of Shame” after a wild night at Chucky Cheese!

  27. catapostrophe

    I’ve always hated this poor bastard.

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