1. j/k


  2. It’s like she somehow got separated from her stripper parade.

  3. Cock Dr

    Thunder thighs.

  4. lily

    short and chunky looking. she does not have the body to wear this monstrosity.

  5. Okay, this second photo just negated all the comments on the prior post. She looks like an extra on some horrible movie produced by Kim Il Sung.

  6. dboffer

    Unfortunately for her Fish posted more than one pic.

  7. Professor Winebox

    It’s Tia Carrere’s mini me.

  8. Slap Monkey

    I’d like to say ‘Your move Kim Kardashian’ but there is just no place for her to go after being Kim Kardashian.

  9. HollyK

    I can only assume that “Tru” is the location of the 2011 stripper clown convention.

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