1. Of course SHE showed up. It’s the attention whore event of the season.

  2. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Best. Cosplay Phoebe Price. Ever

  3. EricLr

    Oh no, I’m choking. Is there a Warrior Princess nearby who could give me mouth-to-mouth–and then ass-to-mouth, if possible?

  4. have tits. will travel.

  5. Cock Dr

    You know, if she would just trade in the goofy clothes for some nice separates….(looks again at face) ….ah, never mind.
    Cats would love those shoes. Lots of little nubbies to rub on.

  6. She couldn’t decide whether to go as Red Sonja or Woody from Toy Story, so she decided to go as both.

  7. Holy shit, the Bride of Chucky is real?????

  8. Turd Ferguson

    Yet another whore who couldnt wait for Halloween to mash together a bunch of slutty shit that makes no sense.

  9. Animal

    All she needs is a ventriloquist.

  10. GLT

    I think that sign in the background pretty much says it all.

  11. I’m confused. Is a $5 dollar Vegas hooker some comic book superhero now?

  12. Batman


  13. She heard Mark Hamill was there and wanted to discuss her ideas for Episode VII: Rise of the Famewhores.

  14. Devilish Diva

    Oh look, it’s Lana Del Rey’s older sister!

  15. Oh, its the other event, Comic-Cunt.

  16. Her face is pink, her arms and tits are a kind of speckled orange, her legs are normal colour, and her feet are white. What the fuck?

  17. Jesus Christ, guys, if you’re going to post a picture of a redhead flashing her tits, make it Deborah Ann Woll.

  18. suck it


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