1. They have sun in San Diego. Maybe you could fucking sit in it for a couple of minutes.

    • vgrly

      She will be tan for her next role to suit you melanoma sun worshipping addicts.

      She’s looking great here.

      • richie


      • Smapdi

        She’s been coming along in her hotness level, and she is looking good here.

      • lily

        agree. i dont like KS’s personality AT ALL but she is pretty and her skin is lovely. i dont get this countrys obsession with being tan. good luck to all these bitches who will look like tan mom and have skin cancer when they are 40 and age themselves 2 decades

      • Boy Blunder

        great = unwashed

      • Blech

        Vitamin D is good for you. Sparky didn’t say “hey, go all Jersey Shore funk nasty on us!” He/she said that Kristen should get some fucking sun.

        Getting some sun is not the same as frying your skin or spray tanning it orange.

        I agree with sparky. Just a little for a natural glow, and for the sake of resembling someone who gets out of the house to do stuff.

      • Maybe that is her natural glow…

      • Blech

        Or maybe it’s the glow from sitting indoors and smoking stuff all day.

        I’m not saying she isn’t pretty– she is.

        I’m just kinda sick of the extremes. “I’m supposed to be pale”. No. Get out of the freaking house, or go for a walk during your lunch hour, and watch the magic that wil unfold on your cheeks…

        The skin tells many many tales about one’s health and level of productivity.

        And don’t get me wrong– I also hate the orange extremists… because they’re just fucking ugly.


      • KatieG

        Guess what, I don’t tan at all. I just burn I burn, I turn red, it goes away and I’m pale again. NOT EVERYBODY TANS.

      • S.

        I’m very pale and I don’t tan easily. if I go out to ‘get some sun’ purely for the vitamin D or the sake of being outdoors, it still doesn’t really show

      • Blech

        Yeah, well, go out during the day more than once a week.

        I’m pale, too. I know what I’m talking about.

        Thing is, a lot of us never leave our office buildings.

    • tlmck

      Her skin tone is perfect for the lead in “50 Shades of Grey”.

  2. EricLr

    Somewhere there is a publicist just giddy that her cash cow FINALLY smiled and showed off her tits.

  3. Mr. Poop

    Talentless whore

  4. j/k

    Pale, tacky/slutty cloths, happy to be at comic-con…
    Are you Kristewa the night elf from my WoW clan?

  5. richie

    very hot

  6. it had to be said

    In fairness, vampires can’t see themselves in mirrors.

  7. El Jefe

    That outfit is horrible, I would have to rip it off of her immediately.

  8. She must be a vampire. As soon as I saw her, all the blood drained out of my penis.

  9. I see two great sets of tits in this picture.

  10. flimflam

    Man she looks hot here.

  11. Contusion

    Is she sponsored by Forever 21 now?

  12. Just like with an infant, frequently gas is mistaken for a happy smile.

  13. Kristen Stewart > Mila Kunis… What is the world coming to?!?

  14. DeucePickle

    Something about having boobs makes chicks look way hotter.
    I’m looking at you, Ali Larter

  15. Animal

    She looks bendy.

  16. She can actually smile? It’s a miracle! She looks very attractive here. Nice tits.

  17. Slap Monkey

    Why?! You were doing so fine as the butt of every queen of the undead joke.

  18. Kimmy

    I wish I was this skinny :(

  19. Her boobs are looking great since she starting shopping at Baby Gap.

  20. That was a lob

    Smile is a 3
    Tits are an 8

  21. nneed neww keyboad

    RPatt in the background is precious.

  22. someone

    she’s always been hot

  23. Bonky

    Who knew that all it would take is $35 million dollars to bring a smile to her face.

  24. tlmck

    So she’s going to Comic-Con dressed as an underage hooker?

  25. SSHGuru

    That’s her costume. Giant fake boobs and a smile. No know knows who she is.

  26. Huh

    She’s going as Sarah Gilbert from the Rosanne Show?

  27. lori

    Bride of Chuckie needs a bath.

  28. Dr. Ike

    Does Kristen bleach her asshole? I just assume she does.

  29. Swearin

    That’s the look of someone relieved to be leaving a franchise they loathed…even though it opened every door she’s now getting.

    God I hate modern Hollywood.

  30. Raaaaaaaa

    we have yet to mention R-Patz in the background, absolutely LOVING the ass of the guy standing directly behind Kristin

  31. suck it

    She looks straight out of the 90s?

  32. smd

    Wth? She’s always been gorgeous but when did she grow boobs? She used to be like an a cup.

  33. no

    All these people saying “great tits” are clueless She is flat as a board, same as she was last week. She’s wearing a heavily padded bra. And she still has a nasty sneer on her face, still has shapeless stick legs, still has ears that stick out like a chimp, still has a chin like Jay Leno. I’m so sick of this talentless b*tch and her endless PR machine, constantly pushing her.

    • jonahar

      Let me guess, you’re one of those fat twihards who sleeps with and edward pillow and who think any chick who doesn’t weigh 300 lbs has stick legs

      • no

        Let me guess, you’re one of those fat twihards who sleeps with a Bella pillow and thinks this bitch is gorgeous because she gives you hope that you, too – plain and out of shape though you might be – might one day be considered good-looking. No, never mind, I know who you really are. You’re one of those pathetic krisbians, going around on multiple accounts at various websites trying to make it seem like grown men actually find her hot. Yeah right.

  34. liz

    she looks good. many celebrities look good, with or without effort, you people who are always criticizing them must be gorgeous with perfect bodies, right?
    I surf, i lie in the sun occasionally, i get freckles but i don’t get much tanned, it’s just the way my skin is.peoples skins react differently in the sun you know?
    and whats the deal if some people actually dont like getting tanned? what’s up with all the judging? get a life!

  35. Dar

    She’s gotten super hot lately. She already had an amazing ass in that stripper movie, and now the rest of her is catching up.

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