1. Weeblo

    Bruce doing a pre-flight check

  2. I like the easy-access zipper. He doesnt even have to work up a sweat

  3. Hey, check it out! Your ass and my head are exactly the same shape.

  4. As a rule you shouldn’t bang anything that helped produce Rumer Willis.

  5. I thought you were supposed to do inspections BEFORE purchase.

  6. “It’ll do…for now.”

  7. “I can still see a little jiggle behind the biceps there. Get back in the car and don’t come out until you’ve thrown all of that up.”

  8. cc

    “Grooooooooooan. That’s right baby, I’m salt your pepper.”

  9. Lex Luthor likes what he sees.

  10. The escort service sent you a good one, Bruce.

  11. sonofsamadams

    “Let me take a look. It sounds like someone is punching a bowl of warm mayonnaise every time you move your thighs.”

  12. Look, I am Straight; but even I know Brown shoes and an White suite

    • Ditto on the brown shoes. Not only that, the pegged pants look like he slept in them. Bruce needs to renew his GQ subscription. The chica is pure class though.

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