1. I’m not a medical doctor, but that sure looks like arm herpes to me…

  2. Dapper Dan

    How’s the HPV vag?

  3. Josephus

    “Greg, it’s not true! Love, Catherine”

    “Tom, It’s not true! Love, Catherine”

    “Fish, It’s true, please stop following me from town to town, Love Catherine”

  4. “Ms. Zeta-Jones, could you cure my throat cancer next?”

    “NO, ME!”

    “MY TURN!”

  5. Hmm, I still want to.

  6. She may be bi-polar and give you cancer, but I still say she looks great.

  7. She’s hot enough that I would consider putting up with her bi-polar disorder and cancerous vag.

  8. snook

    god forgive me; I thought she was J-Wow

  9. I hear bi-polar chicks are wild, half the time.

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