1. “What you call me, PUSSY?!”

    “I’m talking to my gay lover.”

    “That’s what I THOUGHT, asshole”

  2. boof

    Looking good Scott, but who’s the hunk in the black shirt?

  3. Don’t sing “Low Places” to me, Garth Brooks!

  4. He is the perfect storm of awful.

  5. cc

    Please, let Hayley Stark be real.

  6. “Be sure to put two coats of wax on it, Mencia.”

  7. caley

    “Ricky Gervais! I loved you at the Golden Globes! Say “Are you having a laugh?”!”

  8. awkward turtle

    “Hello, Douchebag Police?”

  9. Your aftershave! I must know. What is it?

  10. tlmck

    Completely natural meeting on the streets with the cameras rolling.

  11. ” Make way for I am the douchebag messiah!”

  12. Pine Table Fever

    ‘…yeah, so I married into a family of Wookiees, blimps, and piss freaks but at least I still have my dignity, right? Right?’

  13. Dangles the Wonder Mule

    No, I’m retired from being a rent-able twink !

  14. “yea, really, he’s even douchee-er in person”

  15. sonofsamadams


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