1. Deacon Jones

    And we wonder why the world mocks us..

  2. Glad they got dressed up for the book signing. No really.

  3. Please tell me it’s a pop-up book made from fast-food wrappers…

  4. The book should have been called “Pimp Your Ride: How to ride your child’s coat-tails into the double wide trailer of your dreams.”

  5. Hugh Jazz

    “Sir, is the manatee sitting next to you going to require some kind of fresh fish in a bucket?”
    “Mana-what? Looky here, that’s my wife, and I loves her no matter WUT! And yes a bucket of fish would do nicely.”

  6. *whispers* “dude, let me get this straight…you fucked THAT?”

  7. Mike1

    “Sir your daughter just broke into the men’s room and ate all the urinal cakes,”

    “Don’ tell her ma, she’ll be wantin’ some too an I don’t think you got enough.”

  8. Nonnie Moose

    You know, it’s things like this that make me really think that we should just nuke ourselves and hand the whole place over to the cockroaches.

  9. This might be one of the saddest things I have ever seen.

  10. I’d like to see a Venn diagram with “Honey Boo boo fans” in one circle and “books” in the other. I’m not imagining a lot of crossover.

  11. “We want to make people believe you wrote this book. For the love of God, quit trying to read it out loud.”

  12. They let THESE people into a BOOKSTORE?!?!?

    What in the world is this country coming to?

  13. The Mega-Chug of Mt. Dew beside Jabba the Mom is like the pitchfork in American Gothic. A perfect symbol of her existence.

  14. “Sir, I’m afraid your wife has defecated in the literary fiction aisle, right in front of Kurt Vonnegut’s section.”
    “I don’t care who shit where, you tell that Kurt feller that this here gut is mine. She’s mine!”

  15. Like fuck did they write it.

  16. CK

    Duck lips and turkey-neck waddle. Classy.

  17. caley

    “I’m sorry, sir, the Midget Larry The Cable Guy lookalike convention isn’t until next week.”

  18. I bet this is the first time either of these two have been in a bookstore that didn’t sell dildos.

  19. Jimmy

    0/10, would fuck.

  20. Vlad

    And then there are those of us who are trying to get a book they wrote published and can’t because we’re not dumb, fat, rednecks on a reality TV show from a network that used to show learning stuff and junk.

  21. dontkillthemessenger

    “Excuse me Sir… is your wife pissing and drinking into that same cup?”

    “Have you seen her teeth?”

  22. lawn

    She’s crazy. Like a fox.

  23. Jenn

    That man behind him is helping him sign his name.

  24. The most embarrassing thing here is that man fucked that whale and is still allowed to show himself in public.

  25. sonofsamadams

    “Sir, don’t look now, but that thing next to you is on it’s fourth Big Gulp of moose urine.”

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