1. Sometimes I like to picture baby Jesus up in heaven thinking, “Yes, when I said ‘come, follow me,’ graphic t-shirts and giant trashy crucifix tattoos are exactly what I had in mind.”

  2. It’s ironic that she’s wearing a mexican religious cliche and her husband was screwing a mexican career cliche.

  3. BB

    “Mimetic poly-alloy.”

  4. Nonnie Moose


  5. What model of Terminator is she?

  6. When did she stop sharpening her face?

  7. canudigit

    For once, I am happy not to be subjected to a camel toe.

  8. Holy Mary Mother of God…

  9. DoUcHeBaGeLs

    When two people are together long enough, they begin to look like each other. “MAAARIA, WHERE ARE DA MUSCLES? YOU LOOK LIKE A GIRLYMAN!”

  10. farrellthib

    Danny Trejo looks good without all the facial hair

  11. I would have felt a lot more scared for Marshall, Will, and Holly if the Sleestaks has been this scary.

  12. Here’s a sneak peak from the new season of “The Walking Dead”!

  13. john

    So that’s what happens when you have all of the Kennedy sucked out of you

  14. Remember, you have to aim for the head to put ‘em down for good.

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