1. “Hold on, hon. I gotta give a breathalyzer..
    Officer, can you come around to this side? I can get a better angle from this seat”

  2. Ma’am, I’m citing you for exceeding your 15 minutes of fame.

  3. Cock Dr

    The potency of her STDs makes all that protective gear a necessity.

  4. Officer, you’ll need the full HAZMAT suit.

  5. Nonnie Moose

    He looks like he’s acting out that scene from Bad Lieutenant.

  6. “Yeah, I offered to blow him, but he’s still writing the ticket. It’s like he’s not even *from* L.A.”

    • “At least he’s white. Because sometimes, the cop’s black, and y’know, ew.”

      • Her last boyfriend was black, although for some reason no one talks about it, that DJ Afrojack guy. I mean he is light as fuck and foreign, but the dude is black.

      • Didn’t she at one point say that she hates black men? That even if a guy was 1% black, he would be too black for her. As a black man, with this knowledge, I’d love to recreate the Selma Blair & Robert Wisdom sex scene from “Storytelling” with her. Dialogue and all.

      • Keven

        Good memory. Actually she’s said things like that a couple of times. Once when refering to a make-out session she had with Vin Diesel; and another time at a new years eve party where she and her sister Nikki were video taped repeatedly calling people ‘niggers’.

  7. Is there anything left to say about this bitch?

  8. cc

    She, more than anyone else, should know there are almost surefire ways to get out of tickets.

  9. anonymous

    How the fuck is she on the phone while he is giving her a ticket? It should be two tickets– a second one for being on the phone while operating a vehicle.

  10. Vlad

    Erik Estrada will do anything to try and jump start his career again.

  11. Oh, she’s on her phone? She must have thought he wanted to make a sex tape.

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