1. Coco is looking a little Crispy.

  2. you forgot the quotes around “modeling”

  3. Coco T’s Taffeta Tabaret Tie Temerariously Teases her Tectonic Teramorphous Turgid Tittys causing a Tentiginous response.

  4. I have got to admit that this picture has me SSSOOO HOT for Photoshop right now. Yea, Photoshop…the things I could do with you, baby.

  5. What am I supposed to admire, your surgeon’s training and lack of scruples? We’ve seen everything but her uterus at this point.

  6. Oh, that reminds me. *adds cantaloupe to shopping list*

  7. Enough with the Pacific Rim posters already!

  8. Oh fuck yeah! I love this. She’s so sexy.

  9. Wow. Just Wow.

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