1. Bras are so past tense.

  2. “People are poor you guys, and like, stop it.”

  3. cc

    I’ll give money if they can get the singer of Kings of Leon to stop braying like a fucking donkey.

    Don’t miss the double entendre at the end there.

  4. “Um, there are like people who don’t eat and they’re not even pretty! So buy an ugly person food or plastic surgery. Thank you.

  5. “Starving poor people don’t don’t wear bras, why should I?”

  6. Pine Table Fever

    ‘SEE IMPACT’? Is she there to promote a wrestling match between Stevie Wonder and Kings of Leon? Because, if so, I would donate and watch the shit out of that.

  7. That is such an oddly random line-up for a concert. “Stevie Wonder! Kings of Leon! John Mayer! Los Lobos! The Singing Nun! The ‘My Baloney Has a First Name’ Kid!”

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