1. So, June and her husband were signing books and Honey Boo Boo was meeting Prince Charles?

  2. “Call me sausage fingers again and I shall have my mommy repatriate all your lands…”

  3. Prince Charles meets Honey Boo Boo…white trash all over America are pissing themselves to watch.

  4. LMAO, I totally thought this was Honey Boo Boo too.

  5. “The fuck you looking at?”

  6. He looked into her eyes an saw an innocence he never knew. Perhaps it was his rigorous upbringing in the royal household, or his father’s stern instance that joy was a luxury afforded only to commoners, yet he couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to see the world afresh through such a set of eyes, to know the wonder of being truly free from obligation and bond. Then he remembered that he was a crown prince, lord of Britain, wealthiest and most powerful among his peers. So he had her killed by tigers while taking his afternoon tea and masturbating to a vintage reel of clown porn. Indeed it was good to be king.

  7. cc

    “Gor blimey, a white child, in England?”

  8. Cute Bear, the Teddy Bear!

  9. “I WILL be King one day! You just wait and see! Then you’ll be sorry—you’ll ALL be sorry!”

  10. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    OK, that’s it. Who shopped out his lizard tongue licking her cheek?

  11. Servant: What would you like for tomorrows Coronation Festival your Majesty?
    Prince Charles: How about a pretty little thing in a teddy!
    Servant: As you wish Sir.
    (Next day)
    Prince Charles: What the hell is this? Who the fuck are you?

  12. Dangles the Wonder Mule

    Gore, blimy, your wife is ugly Guvna !

  13. Lou Braccant

    “You know, you’re not as fat in real life honey boo boo, would you like some tea?”

  14. I suppose double breasted suit coats are still OK although I would replace the dishtowel in the pocket with a handkerchief.

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