1. Jack Ketch

    FREAK. Jesus, stop with the plastic surgery already.

  2. (“take the Porsche today Bruce” she says…”look at these hot pics of Kendall” she says…)

    “Fuck this, Im getting some eyelid Botox today to make me feel better”

  3. If you keep making that face, it will get stuck that w….HOLY SHIT…it’s stuck.

  4. JW

    Not pictured: Shia LaBeouf walking 3 paces ahead of him.

  5. You’d make that face too if you just got out of a car full of wookie farts.

  6. rican

    Look Janice Dickinson, keep your hair black, you look better.

  7. I think we all know by now that this is Liza Minelli.

  8. Nonnie Moose

    No I will NOT look at those naked supermodel pics. EEEWWWWW.

  9. jus sayin

    Maybe, just maybe, he wouldn’t look so freaky if he cut his hair and let it go grey. Maybe. I know that won’t change the stupid plastic surgery but it might help. Maybe.

  10. Why would you ask the plastic surgeon to transform you into a >:-( emoticon?

  11. I guess everyone’s a krumper now.

  12. “What is up, dudebros? I’m very excited to go chilling at the drive-in theater and cruise in my Buick whip to meet some swell dames.”

  13. Cock Dr

    I wish Bruce would divorce, hire a ghost writer and get that book out. You know he’s seen things…look at the face.

  14. *sniff*
    Smells like Sasquatch cu…

  15. lawn

    He was great in “Can’t Stop the Music.” Draw your own conclusions.

  16. sonofsamadams

    Rocky Dennis is gettin’ sassy!

  17. “SSSNNNERRRRRKKKKK!!…(swallow)…

  18. Kris

    Why does that dyke always look pissed?

  19. Nothing a little T-replacement and some gym time wouldn’t fix. Or maybe not.

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