1. So listen… Listen, Chris… I thought of the MOST amazing subplot for our next movie…
    I know Hawkeye and Captain America are not supposed to… And hear me out on this.. But what if they got together to make Black widow jealous?
    Just to make her jealous… Nothing else, I promise…

  2. First time anyone has ever raced to get the middle, bitch seat.

  3. Captain America is badass.

  4. JimBB

    Don’t even bother trying, Chris. He’s already removed the door handles.

  5. These guys either had one or two too many cocktails, just smoked a joint, or are planning some “fun” that will only include two people.

  6. Travel note to self: Chiltern Firehouse, probable gay nightclub.

  7. “Didn’t we ditch Renner at Del Taco?”

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