1. Fish, I am personally insulted by this.
    I take my snarky commentary seriously and expect you to provide a challenge with each photo.
    This is for neophytes!

  2. “Aw ya, man! Don’t worry about forgetting your pants in my trailer. Ain’t no paps out here!”

  3. Sorry, Topher was right… this pic presented no challenge.

  4. Phoenix

    Just two guys hangin’ out, doing manly things together.

  5. Don Draper's Dad

    Why is young George Lopez there?

  6. ♫The Ambiguously Gay Duo. The Ambiguously Gay Duo♫

  7. Is that Carlton he’s hanging with?

  8. JimBB

    Still less embarrassing than After Earth.

  9. No, dude. Noooo no no no.

  10. talk about low hanging fruit.

    and I mean the level of difficulty in ridiculing this photo, not the speedo dudes nutsack.

  11. anonymous

    I never knew Will Smith and Simon Cowell like to vacation together

  12. Libbie

    Years ago in Vegasy my friends and I met Ice Cube…we were asking him who he knows, likes/dislikes etc. My girlfriend asked if he knew Will Smith and he told us “I don’t hang out with Will cause he’s into that gay stuff” Why all the closeted gay men in Hollywood?

  13. Are we sure that’s not Jada?

  14. j/k

    The last time I stripped to my briefs and followed somebody I got arrested.

  15. Longus Mcdongus

    He looks like the fat, gay european Tom Cruise

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