1. I want to the choke the fucking bubbly life out of her.

  2. Despite the initial anguish she felt after chocking Kermit to death, due to her insane hunger cravings, Kelly chose to savour the sweet, sweet Muppet blood of beloved victim.

  3. That’s her meal for the month. Tune in next month when she eats a sliver of mango.

  4. Grudge fuck for sure.

  5. Great White Pygmy

    “Then I lick the tip, like this. Its called a Consuelos.”

  6. It looks like she’s giving Shrek a handjob and doing imaginary tequilla shots. So is pot legal in NY now too?

  7. cc

    Guacamole shots?

  8. “Ewwww…it tastes sort of musky and a little bit salty. All in all, though, not too terribly bad. I think I want to try it again.”

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