1. If she made a sex tape came 15 years ago, I’d be like “Fuck Yeah!”, Now? It’s more like “tell me where I can download it and I’ll fap to it.”

  2. This is the sex tape I don’t want to see. and I’m not talking about a romantic comedy movie.

  3. JimBB

    Reminds me of that line in Family Guy when Peter says “This is like Meg Ryan finally doing nudity in ‘In the Cut.’ Sure, it’s great and all…but who gives a shit?”

  4. cc

    I am pretty sure she’s a tree frog.

  5. alexxx3488

    Drunk mom picking up her kids from soccer practice

  6. I intend to watch the shit out of this and have myself a merry little Fapmas. I’m reckless like that.

  7. She reminds me of Patricia Kaas. Nice age.

  8. Madonna looks like shit.

  9. MarketingMike

    Her face looks like the mask Jack Nicholson wore,
    in the original Batman.

  10. “Can I get this flop out of the way so I can get a headstart on the junket for my next flop, ‘Annie?’”

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