1. CrashHell

    I take a sexy crap!

  2. I wonder if he knocked her up.

  3. “I got your ‘View’ right here, asshole!”

  4. Ronaldo

    Taking a dump in Justin’s concert? I would too

  5. ooops, that wasn’t just a fart!!

  6. JimBB

    Over here, Justin! I wrote a song for you! It’s called “Menopaused and Resumed”

  7. “It’s a new dance. You bend your knees to go down, then you straighten them to come back up, annnnd…repeat! It’s called The Carousel.”

  8. cc

    She’s still thinking about blowing that naval officer.

  9. Well ‘Vieira’ does mean “she who happily pinches the loaf” in certain bairros in Portugal.

  10. CrashHell

    So Meredith signed up to the Superficial and thumbs down every single comment on here? Fukin Shrew!

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