1. Pigeon-toed MILF.

  2. dbag

    Look what the cat dragged in…

  3. Short Round

    Apparently she didn’t have time to change coming straight from an audition for the next Hobbit movie.

  4. Phoenix

    Now with added frump.

  5. She’s still cute as a button. But maybe her toes wouldn’t look so prehensile if she wore shoes that were actually long enough for those fucking gun boats.

  6. JimBB

    She always has that same vaguely drugged-up-dont-know-exactly-where-i-am look that Britney Spears is sporting these days.

  7. DIs how pigeon stand?

  8. cc

    Little known fact Tom had Kathy Bates come over and hobble her.

  9. She got those “aw, shucks” feet goin’ on.

  10. Johnny Barbells

    …wait, yesterday, was’nt she hot as shit, according to all the commenters here? what happened to all that adulation?

  11. “And slowly let yourself go…”

  12. harsky & starch

    Why does she always insist on standing/posing like a duck?

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