1. YadaYada

    Take notes, Kim K. A meaty ass is only hot if the rest of you is skinny. Otherwise, you’re just a fat chick with a fat ass.

  2. Ronaldo

    Exactly…..that’s great ass. Not what the Kardashians are shoving into our faces daily.

  3. Cock Dr

    I think that just about meets the criteria of “you could set your drink on it while she gives you the BJ”.

  4. Qmak

    Not shown: Tiny Chris Evans also standing in line waiting to be injected with Captain America’s growth serum

  5. Short Round

    Jen, next could you look back as if you caught someone looking at your ass but you’re not sure if he’s a pervert and you just remembered your boyfriend cheated on you with a transvestite.

  6. That’s the gal I fell for in the first place while watching Selena.

  7. check out her tiny little ass…it’s so cute.

  8. Well got damn, J-Lo. That is some magnificent hiney. Well played, my girl. Well played.

  9. Someone found out what coke is

  10. Someone found out about coke

  11. freebie

    At least her ass looks believable

  12. harsky & starch

    Still one of the hottest women on the planet.

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