1. That’s a pretty fancy curtain for her crab circus.

  2. It’s like Frozen if Elsa spread herpes and other incurable diseases instead of snow and ice.

  3. I love how 4 out of the 5 sponsors for this event were… Paris Hilton. I can just imagine here financial advisers 20 years from now, “So, you invested your money in what now?”
    “I kept spending all my money on my own album release parties, DJ sets, etc., to make people think that I was still famous and relevant”
    “You have absolutely no idea how money works do you?”
    “No. No, I do not”.

  4. They ALWAYS “come alive.” It’s months later when the cocktail of diseases take their toll.

  5. Phoenix

    “View Full Size”


  6. She’s looking damn good these days. Unfortunately, she is wearing panties. Damn it.

  7. Short Round

    Everyone already knows what’s behind Curtain No.1, Paris and that there are no winners with that prize.

  8. JimBB

    Snow White and the Seven Venereal Diseases

  9. Her “song”…??? Sweet Bleedin’ Jeebus, you’re kidding. Hahaha. I get it. It’s just a joke…Right?

  10. ‘Oh, I’m sorry, is my bald eagle not showing? One sec …’

  11. anonymous

    Someone should tell her that Miley Cyrus already beat the side vag peek to death already.

  12. If I had grandchildren, I suppose I’d be telling them about the old days when singles were released by actual singers.

    Well, I think I’ll put on some shorts, pull black socks up to my knees, and go mow the lawn.

  13. Pilin

    “Herpes for everybody”

  14. cc

    ‘the single release party for her song ‘Come Alive’ in Los Angeles’

    Displacing Heidi Montag who has been burning up the charts.

  15. Poison Ivy League

    Her side vagina looks like it has a side vagina. This is some Kuato ass shit.

  16. Another crappy singer using auto tune.

  17. Why is this a thing that happened?!
    I mean Paris. Why is she?

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