1. Ironically, the only person who’s ass I want to see in this picture is fully clothed.

  2. Short Round

    I once had a Skin War with Rebecca Romijn. I wanted to see more skin she wanted to see less.

  3. You just know she was in the make-up room with them going, “Oh, quit your whining about how long it’s taking! Why, when I had to play Mystique…”

    • Looks like we’ve got a thumb downing follower, professor…. I wonder who would have enough time to do such a thing, maybe somebody that has nothing better to do than file library books and pretend they are a worldly 23 year old swedish girl.

  4. dbag

    Aim for the “A”(hole)

  5. So, I guess there have been some changes since the last time I tuned into GSN to watch “Match Game.”

  6. “MY butt is much nicer than any of those…”

  7. Swearin

    Many wars throughout history were about skin, or what gods the other skins worshipped. *takes a puff from pipe, readjusts glasses”

  8. JimBB

    This is so much better than Star Wars.

  9. Thank god she’s pointing to them. I never would have fucking noticed them.

  10. ‘Skin wars’

    [Three people painted white]

    Somewhere, Peter Sellers is clutching his right arm.

  11. They were going to feature the Kardashian sisters in the first episode, but there isn’t that much paint.

  12. WTF

    Look Mom, I’m going to be a skin model on TV!

  13. Marketing Mike

    I was so busy thinking “Damn she’s still fine”
    I didn’t notice 3x flat chested painted teens.
    I’ll take Rebecca every time..

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