1. Contusion

    I’m hoping this is a just a bad angle. Or she’s doing a guest appearance on Bones.

  2. Anyone remember when she was hot in “Career opportunities”?

  3. lily

    This looks like some photoshop fail…her lower body does not look right.

    • She really is that skinny. Also, nobody has the time or even bothers to edit images like these. They’re just shot and uploaded.

      • Surprisingly, paparazzi shots get photoshopped more often than one might think; it’s not just magazine covers/photo shoots. So even supposedly “candid” shots can never be trusted! E.g. Audrina Patridge

  4. alex

    nope, she’s just that skinny…shes 5’7 and weighs about #123

  5. Requiem. 2-headed. Yum.

  6. Cookie

    I can never look at those eyebrows without thinking, “GIANT BUSH”.

  7. valen001

    This is what happens when David Bowie sucks the life force from your soul in ‘Labyrinth’ (or perhaps it was all that gay puppeteering on that movie…either one).

  8. Kitty

    she looks fine to me her shirt is too long for that skirt… and she is NOT too skinny.

  9. I saw her interviewed by James Lipton on “The Actors’ Studio” and have been totally in love with her ever since.

  10. Best Tits Ever.

  11. PirateHunter

    Remember when her tits dominated her eyebrows?

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