1. Are his eyes growing closer together?

  2. King Diamond

    What an ugly, ugly man. He reminds me of a Jawa from the Star Wars movie.

  3. Colin

    Has anyone seen that episode of Charmed where Shannen Doherty turned into a man? Well, now you pretty much have.

  4. He’s like the hipster’s Jesus, but you’ve probably never heard of him…

  5. Joe

    Totally looks like Katy Perry in that “hot chicks with beards” thing. Ironically, if Jared Leto and Katy Perry were a couple, she would be the beard.

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Like someone carved an asshole out of wood

  7. What’s with the terrorist looks some of these dudes are sporting?

  8. The Brown Streak

    “So here’s how we escaped the Phantom Zone….”

  9. ZZZ

    I have never ever punched anyone, but I really don’t think I could restrain myslef if I ever saw this guy in person. I just can’t deal with how ridiculous he is.

  10. classic

    Is it just me or the level of ugly men jealously in the comments is reaching dangerous proportions?

  11. Johnny P!

    I haven’t seen that look on a man since a homeless dude asked me for money in the 80′s.

  12. cc

    I am pretty sure that he’s saying ‘literal interpretation’.

  13. Crissy

    Those troll eyes are mesmerizing….

  14. He’s reenacting that bit where he cradled Travolta’s balls.

  15. Luopis

    Looks like a chick with…. beard

  16. I thought it was Giovanni Ribisi with a beard.

  17. SimoneDeB

    “yes, but what if I was a JUGGLING bearded lady? “

  18. “Someday I’m going to grow my beard all the way out to here. That way, if food falls off my fork, my clothes will be spared and I’ll have a snack for later.”

  19. HawaiianZ

    “Wait, so the giant lapels on my unnecessary peacoat are THAT obvious?

  20. Swearin

    “Would I say I am the second coming of Christ? Of course not. But I do have many young people who believe in me and my message; I have this awesome beard to help me relate to the common man; and there are potentially thousands of people who want to murder me.”

  21. I’ve never loathed someone so much without knowing why.

  22. Bobu

    He outdouches the king of all douchebags. Who, ironically, is also him.

  23. georgia

    I’m telling you, he’s Dorian Gray

  24. Me

    Whatever fellas… he’s a beautiful man, get over it.

  25. Mark W

    “I wanted to create music that was moving. So it meant a lot to me when people got up out of their seats and walked out.”

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