1. JC

    This is a good pose, because it makes it easy for me to imagine being wheeled in underneath her from stage right. Sometimes, I’m lazy even in my own fantasies.

  2. Cock Dr

    Partners & voyeurs appreciate flexibility.

  3. lily

    shes hott. but sooo over exposed.

  4. alex

    The Perfect Woman.

    • cc

      I know right? On top of everything whenever you hear her talking, she’s always smiling and cheerful.

      If she was a horror movie, she’d be the part of the movie where someone goes ‘I don’t hear anything’.

  5. Not pictured: The Ghost of Noel Coward taking her from behind. (Nobody’s that gay.)

  6. I wish I was the floor!

  7. Warren Piece

    Let’s see… stirrups go here… saddle goes there… bridle there… and VOILA… the perfect “ride”.

  8. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    A teenage seal looked at this and carved ‘Ugly’ on her flipper

  9. The Brown Streak

    Free box of kleenex with every seat.

  10. DeucePickle

    What is she doing here ? This isn’t a movie premiere.
    Maybe she just loves places with a lot of seating.

  11. besucherin

    Has her ass always looked so square?

  12. Joe

    Now…I’d ….have…..the time of my liiiffe…..

  13. Crissy

    Who ever photoshopped Pipa’s ass on Kelly’s, is gonna be in a lot of trouble!!!

  14. that’s a hard face

  15. Wait, wait… Is it Noel Coward’s Theater for a play called Calendar Girls or did Noel Coward build a theater only for calendar girls? Or, more specifically, calendar girls in London?

  16. Since this is one of the few poses I know how to do, all I can see here is how she’s not keeping her hips on the floor and she’s clenching her butt (which you’re not supposed to do). But, since I look nothing like her even in my best dress and full hair and makeup, much less barefaced with my hips on the floor and an unclenched butt, I don’t feel too superior.

  17. I’m afraid she might fall forward and injure those magnificent breasts. I told her not to attempt this maneuver unless I’m there to be a cushion for them…she just doesn’t listen sometimes.

  18. I know I’m putting my heterosexual reputation at risk here, but those booties are fucking sweet.

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