1. “Well…. Paltrow’s head WAS in the box…”

  2. He’s the black sheep of the Kardashian family…soak that up for a second.

  3. Holy fuck, this guy’s putting on 10 pounds a month

  4. cameltoast

    those marijuana socks really make his cankles look thinner.

  5. He managed to make himself look even lamer with his shitty sock line. Congratulations fatass.

  6. Jade

    On a future episode: How they managed the fat transfer.

  7. Let that be a lesson to you kids: This is what the munchies can do to you.

  8. This was for the K-Fed tv movie audition, right ?

  9. Cock Dr

    FYI if you see these 2 coming for your picnic resistance is futile.

  10. anonymous

    Jesus…most guys gain weight at the belly. This douche bag is gaining weight like a fat chick.

    I don’t think he is going to make is goal of 200lbs by the 4th of July unless he chops off a limb.

  11. Josephus

    Standard operation procedure with “The Crap We Missed.” Seems like every day we have to see a photo of the hideous monster of the Kardashian family. And Khloe’s in this one, too.

  12. Sympathy pregnancy.

  13. Choose socks that go with your ballcap. Page 36 of the Metrosexual Slob Handbook.

  14. This may just be a strategic move by Kris Jenner to make Kloe seem more attractive.

  15. khloe looks cute

  16. It’s becoming apparent that the big ass/big hips thing is something that isn’t restricted to only the Kardashian women.

  17. Krazee Thug Nutz

    Khloe’s dad = Chewbacca
    Rob’s dad = Michellin man
    Mystery solved.

  18. You know you look like a turd if Klhoe is smirking at how dumpy you look!

  19. I would love to see a pic of Rob and Kevin Federline golfing.

  20. fuck this fuck

    Another fat, Armo pig. Yay?

  21. Robb7

    Where do these freaking paps hang out to get this random shit shot of these two losers??!!!

  22. me

    He thinks just cuz the world wants to use his sisters as urinels that his sock line would be successfull! What a douche! Only way he could EVER get a girl is with that last name! His step bro is way hotter! Brody is dating my girl Kierra!

  23. SMB

    …seems like child-bearing hips run in the family.

  24. He’s like a swarthy Mr. Potato Head. Or Mr. Pear-Shape Head.

  25. Someone told him about box lunches, but neglected to teach him the proper scale.

  26. Jentilly

    You know you’re fat when Khloe can hide behind you

  27. what a fat ass.

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