1. JPC

    He’s a real tough guy.

  2. Old photo, or proof that his OG tattoos were drawn on with a sharpie?

  3. “What? I said I was a successful and controversial artist. So what if I tweet pictures of me getting blowjobs? I’m hardcore, yo.”

  4. He looks like they just rescued him from Auschwitz.

  5. He might want to ask A-Roids to hook him up with some stuff so he might look like a real man one day.

  6. Please tell him to get into a filled bathtub. Please then drop the hairdryer into said bathtub.

  7. This. This is what it’s about. The art of it all…

  8. Scrawny lil white dudes should not wear wifebeaters, myself included.

  9. Jade

    Damn he’s hardcore.

  10. Batu Khan

    I thought it was a girl. I really did. Wait…

  11. ThisWillHurt

    So, this is what Selena Gomez keeps crawling back to every month.

    Explain it to me again, this concept of a “God.”

  12. “I don’t mind this part of a Brazilian Blowout, but the part where they wax me down there, that hurts.”

  13. TheGhost

    Behind the scenes of a “Boys don’t cry” remake?

  14. He’s just like a young George Clooney! A young, annonying, gay George Clooney.

  15. meeps!


  16. Helena Handbasket

    He’s a young Natalie Wood! “I’m a pretty girl, mama …”

  17. Robb7

    Wholesome, like raw cow’s milk.

  18. IAmAGuest

    I love her on Girls. So ditzy!

  19. Jenn

    I don’t like the little goober, but yesterday was Throwback Thursday, so I think this is an old picture. He was just as douchtastic then.

  20. He should title the pic “The first blow job I’ve received”.

  21. I thought Karen Carpenter had died.

  22. “Boys Don’t Dry.”

  23. ldmalone

    I think he’s on the wrong end of that blow job.

  24. “then I was like ‘I’m keepin’ your SIM card’ but the coolest pat of the day is when Mom came home from the store with Toaster Strudel”

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