1. Ronaldo

    Dumb and Dummer

  2. President Hollande was a gracious host. He learned to say “I surrender” in perfect Russian.

  3. Those French soldiers look BAD. ASS.

  4. “Zees way, right over here. Ziss ees where you will march your tanks through the arch.”

  5. This sates my not-so-secret crush on Putin and love for stabby things nicely.

  6. Donald Sterling

    Watch this…if we turn around really quick they’ll drop their guns…

  7. Blob

    “One day all this will be yours.”

  8. Swearin

    “Sir, I don’t doubt your intentions in legitimizing him but please come this way and see what your son Ramsay has done this time…”

  9. Later Vladmir wrestled a bear shirtless while Francois wept in the corner.

  10. “Who is on first base.”
    “That’s what I’m ASKING. Who’s on first?”

    “Waka waka waka!! We’ll be here all week folks. Don’t forget to tip your bartenders and waitresses.”

  11. Max

    Putin: “Guess who Russia’s going to invade next.”

    Hollande: “I give up.”

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