1. Ronaldo


  2. Cock Dr

    For god’s sake stop him before he breeds AGAIN.

  3. Seen here taking a break from operating the fryer.

  4. I’d like to kick him right in his fucking vagina.

  5. Bonky

    Who the fuck thought having Scott Disick hold a box of French fries would
    make a good photo ? Could he put any less effort into that pose ?

  6. His soul died years ago.

  7. More penis flavored fries.

  8. Spleen

    Like that is gonna help sell fries.

  9. Donald Sterling

    I bet even in kindergarten everyone want to punch him.

  10. What a fucking asshole.

  11. Flatliner

    Does he do anything besides sit back and enjoy kuntrashian money?

  12. Hi Guys,
    I’m working on entries for my random white celebrity reference guide and need some help from you all: Is this guy a Kardashian, the dude Jonah Hill was apologizing to, the other guy on that show “Full House” or was he a character on “Friends”? Thanks in advance.;)

    Fight The Power,

  13. This is marketing genius. If Scott Disick has this much disdain for a product, I’m have to have it.

  14. The fries are the least greasy thing in this picture.

  15. Seriously, I would pay good money to hunt him in real life like the movie Surviving the Game. Can’t stand this smug deadbeat loser.

  16. Remind me again why this man is famous. Oh yeah, one of his girlfriend’s mother’s other daughters got pissed on in a sex tape.

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