1. “So then I was like ‘Yo, I’m famous and got money. Ain’t no need to rape me right now. But then I let them anyway. Not bad.’”

  2. Ronaldo

    Send him back in. Nobody wants him out.

  3. anonymous

    Surrounded by guys, Chris Brown automatically sticks his ass out and opens his mouth. Prison’s trained him well.

  4. Cock Dr

    It looks like he porked out a bit in the slammer.
    That’s ok, back on the cocaine now those pounds will just peel right off.

  5. This ain’t the last time he’s going to be coming out.

  6. Smapdi

    Hopefully he’ll stick with that camouflage idea and disappear.

  7. Donald Sterling

    Before this song, the greatest atrocity ever committed in camouflage was My Lai.

  8. Put him right back in. I didn’t miss him at all. Fuck him.

  9. “Yo, Dawg! My butthole is SO sore! But it’s a good kinda sore…know what I mean?”

  10. Flatliner

    Hold it…hold it…ahhh, there you go. Did ya hear it? See, I wasn’t lying when I said my farts don’t make a sound anymore.

  11. I bet the party really started rocking once they brought out the Rihanna PiƱata.

  12. cc

    Isn’t wearing camouflage a violation of his parole somehow?

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