1. dontkillthemessenger

    So I just pull this trigger and the t-shirt fires out? Brilliant!

  2. “Now where’s that bitch of a mother of mine…”

  3. Cock Dr

    Rule Britannia!

  4. Man, the Lewis gun is as outdated as Charles.
    Seriously, the British Navy still uses those?
    It was developed practically the day after smokeless powder.
    Must be an historical ship, a WW2 recreation or some such.
    If I cared more I’d look it up.

  5. “Tell the helmsman to swing by the beach again. I think I only wounded Kim and Kanye.”

  6. At least a half dozen Monty Python bits come to mind, you military fairy.

  7. Now I just want to find the Pegasus Bridge so I can walk across it and let the mix of Greek and Norse mythology wash over me.

  8. The bridge was captured in Operation Deadstick, named in honor of the Prince’s penis. The airborne troops landed right next to the bridge in their Horsa gliders, named in honor of Camilla.

  9. Donald Sterling

    So inspiring to think of all the military men who touched these guns who WEREN’T dressed like pompous assholes.

  10. So in retirement it’s come to this. They’ve got the old bean dressed up like Benny Hill on the deck of the Love Boat firing imaginary volleys into a cheering contingent of nobody. Well played, Mr. Cameron, you old scab. Well played indeed.

  11. Swearin

    “Jolly good, then. Let’s get this on the Thames, float on by Parliament and see what these babies can do!”

  12. Bobby J

    “I got two guns. One for each of ya.”

  13. “With this super-weapon we will defeat those Nazi bastards !”

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