1. Ronaldo

    What happened to her face?? too much drugs?

  2. You can feel the heroin in this picture

  3. They’re not gay, they’re European!

  4. Left boob is overflowing while the right boob is barely there. It’s not just her face that is a plastic surgery train wreck.

  5. So by simply holding Paz de la Huerta’s hand ,there is an instant transfer of facial grease to another?

  6. TheFocusElf

    Somebody warn Tommy Davidson, Wanda’s on the loose!

  7. Cracky and Methy out on the town.

  8. Spleen

    She looks less greasy than usual. But still gross.

  9. Donald Sterling

    Yes ma’am, we will of course be offering you our standard “heroin bender” rate.

  10. I’ve never seen a celebrity fall apart so quickly.

  11. Matty

    Why is Mickey Rourke in drag??

  12. The amount of combined drugs that is in those 2 bodies right now probably paid for a new BMW for their dealer.

  13. “Come dis vay, dahlink, I tink I saw your right boob over here.”

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