1. tito

    Why is the Notorious BIG driving Michael Jackson around?

  2. I have a feeling there is going to be a news story about a pap’s body being found in a ditch, with the only evidence found being a pair of thick hipster glasses and what initially appears to be a smattering of pubic hair.

  3. o'chunt

    So glad to see Grizz and Dot Com have found someone else to mind.

  4. It takes a lot to keep her from Lezzing out!

  5. j/k

    I know she looks manly sometimes, but black too?

  6. Michelle (‘rapping’ into her mascara brush): “Yo, check-one-two…peep my sti’, son. I be the crazy bisexual MC… my peeps be homogenous but my styles be androgynous…”
    Driver: “I’ve grown quite weary of this child’s obstreperous shuck and jive. What say we jettison her and decamp to Roscoe’s?”
    Passenger: “Word. Post haste.”
    Guy in back (after a few minutes): “Um, sir, can you take me back to Westwood?”

  7. cc

    Hey, did you hear the prank call where they used Joe Pesci’s voice to call this guy?

  8. Don’t fuck with La Rodriguez. Because if you do, Bearded Hipster Black Dude will fuck your shit up.

  9. BlackManUSAonTwitter

    Even the most racist of racists know that Michelle Rodriguez is the
    most dangerous person in that car…

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