1. Wait, those aren’t jodhpurs?

  2. Aren’t you supposed to Photoshop those things inwards, not outwards?

  3. dennis

    Kim Kardashian looks better without make up.

  4. Ronaldo

    I always get this penguin vibe.

  5. She looks like Grimace heading to a funeral.

  6. Come on guys, she said not comment and now there are five of them.

  7. Ahhh, the wafts and smells that must be coming out of those pleather shoes after walking around NYC…

  8. Cock Dr

    Those aren’t exactly “thunder thighs”…..but I’m having a hard time coming up with a different label. Garbage bag thighs?

  9. tito

    I’m still convinced she’s really Joaquin Phoenix doing another social experiment.

  10. My, what a hypocritical sweatshirt.

  11. Why do women defend her as a representation of the average American Women? Yes fat fucks exist but go to your local college and there’s some fine women out there.

  12. Her and Jonah Hill have the exact same stance. That is epically creepy.

  13. She has the money not to look like that.


    NO MAS

  15. Donald Sterling

    I bet if there were audio you could hear ice cream truck music getting closer.

  16. She looks so much like Danny DeVito’s Penguin, it’s not even funny. God damn, she is off putting. I’m fucking bummed out now. This is the look of a woman who has given up and she’s not even 30 years old yet.

  17. Joe Blow

    Nice gunt

  18. rican

    Cool! So the new Batman movie has the Penguin again?!?!

  19. Chris L

    looks like Mandy Rickard

  20. Swearin

    Fine, I won’t comment on her breasts. But those thighs are fair game.

  21. Tell me Clarice, was she a large girl? Big through the hips, roomy?

  22. I…uh…have a comment.

  23. The knees. They’re buckling.

  24. Spartacus Khan

    Butter face!

  25. “Ah, bicycling, my old nemesis… we meet again.”

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