1. Crack, it does a body…. this. Whatever the hell this is….

  2. Ronaldo

    No movie career

  3. anonymous

    Make sure you pay her AFTER she does why you pay her to do.

  4. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    “To be placed in the folder labeled ‘Postmortem photos’, as part of the explanation.”

  5. I’ll give her a C+ for sparing us a non-filtered version.

  6. Best looking crackhead I’ve ever seen.

  7. Why? Everytime I think she’s hit the bottom and I say I can finally take her out of my my spank bank, she puts herself right back in.

  8. BS! From when Lo?.. cuz YES to this but we all know better than that, Lohan’s current status is “kill” in KFM

  9. Donald Sterling

    Man, this is one of them classy escort services!

  10. Why don’t I recognize all of those body parts?!?

  11. dingdong


  12. Eh, I’d give her $50 for a bj, why not?

  13. HeaveHoYoko

    Lookin good, Pennsatucky!

  14. I can’t tell where the leather ends and the…. Lohan begins.

  15. cc

    If this pic is new, some very fortunate circumstances came together at exactly the right moment.

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