1. cc

    ‘Keep your voice down…nude pics of me are popping up WHERE?’

  2. MisterSuccint

    Is it just me, or did anyone else see her holding a flare gun at first glance?

  3. Jenny with a Y

    Oh, please – these are clearly fake!

  4. “No, Mr. DiCaprio, I’ve never heard of this ‘Blue Lagoon’ you seek of.”

  5. Is there any look that conveys “retarded” as much as wearing a hat pulled down too low, then holding your head at weird angles to see under it?

  6. “SIt in the back, honey, I’m going to blow Paolo while he drives the boat. No really, it’s just a friendly Italian thing, like the kiss-kiss in France.”

  7. TomFrank

    “Think I can hit that photographer from here with a flare?”

  8. whiskeyafternoon

    Blake: the photos *are* fake, Leo

    Leo: I know. Your ass is saggier and those nipples are just sensational. No offense, dear.

  9. Pink shirt says, “Hey look Leo, that Shark is checking out Blake’s nudie pics too on his laptop.”

  10. KC

    How did Blake Lively fit a boat into her bathroom to leak this photo?

  11. Jill_Ess

    That is the same exact face I would be making if I were her.

  12. BillyBobsRevenge

    “No. … I can’t discuss the photos with _him_ here. I did figure out what is eating Gilbert Grape though…” – Blake (on phone with Ben Assflex)

  13. Justin

    Isn’t Leo gay? He used to live with Toby Maguire for 2 years. Blake doesn’t have chances for him unless she looks like his ex boyfriends!

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