1. MisterSuccint

    This T-shirt is not the way to argue with your wife.

  2. Deacon Jones

    Who’s Nick Cannon?


  3. Cock Dr

    The back of the shirt sez “for fucking & impregnating Mariah Carey”

  4. M

    Let’s face it, this shirt is the best chance he’s got.

  5. It had to be said

    If Mariah finds out she’s the “bitch” on the shirt he’s in big, big trouble.

  6. UnholyKrep

    It appears there was a mixup at the t-shirt shop- it was supposed to say “I’m a famous bitch.”

  7. cc

    When I see people in those pants, I always want to set a god on them to see them try and run and hold up their pants up at the same time. It makes me laugh.

  8. baron of all media

    I may not like the guy or think he’s funny, but I know better than to argue with Wayne Brady.

  9. castallare

    The asterisk links to a footnote reading, “*If only by default”

  10. Wow, it’s sure edgy to not even have the nerve to wear the word “bitch” on your shirt.

  11. Alison

    The babies are sitting around wearing onesies: “Bitch, you could’ve fooled me.”

  12. tlmck

    In answer to his shirt.

    Nobody cares.

  13. socaldave

    Hey, look! Dr. Dre lost some serious poundage!

  14. Asoto

    He’s a scientist, right? I saw some photos of him with a whale.

  15. No, you are reading the shirt wrong. Its “She’s famous, I’m her bitch.”

  16. Siloporcen7

    What’s with the handwritten pages? His manifesto?

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