1. It had to be said

    Shania Twain receiving the shocker in Hollywood.

  2. Jon Hex

    She’s not as excited for that “award” as I am that she didn’t wear a bra.

  3. Dale

    A star for one of the least talented singers of all time! Nashville is just the best.

    Go America, celebrate mediocrity in all it’s forms.

  4. Between the Lines

    Low IQ look.

  5. In a cruel turn of events, Shania Twain suddenly channels Sarah Palin

  6. cc

    I think the ‘Star Panel’ needs to be a bit more discriminating.

  7. If roughing you is wrong, I dont want to be right

    Nice shirt lady. Its time i give some compliments around here…

  8. baron of all media

    She looks great. Damn.

  9. Fletch

    The “star” on the Hollywood Walk of Fame lost it’s luster a long time ago. They give them to anyone now.

    • people don’t realize the stars on the walk of fame aren’t an “award”. People have to be “nominated” to the board, and that nomination consists of PAYING for the installation of the star themselves.

  10. i’d like to lick her brown star.

  11. Jenny with a Y

    Is it just me, or does Shania look like she’s got a little Palin in her?

  12. She gets the star under the Port-a-Pottee for the homeless, nobody was using it anyways.

  13. My nipple sense is tingling.

  14. Poison Ivy League

    Are her breasts sad? Her nipples are looking down.

  15. Asoto

    Ooooh, they’re sad! =(

  16. I love Shania. So frugal. See, she made her necklace from safety pins!

  17. RHawk

    I always thought Dana Delany was hotter than this. Oh wait.

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