1. Cock Dr

    So much better with the weird titties covered.

  2. It had to be said

    I bet her tits set off the metal detector. God I’d hate to be trapped behind her in the TSA line.

  3. cc

    Stealing from Bing Crosby’s estate…now that’s low.

  4. Fletch

    I can’t really tell with the shirt on but it looks as though she is going bra-less. Methinks that would make the wonkeyness worse but what the hell do I know.

  5. Can I get a wonk-wonk!!

  6. Aquiles Baeza

    I think metal fatigue is starting to set in…

  7. Back from giving the keynote speech at the Silicone Symposium.

  8. Hugh Gentry

    too bad she’s going to look like her mom.

  9. So, is the reason she is always looking up due to her eyeballs permanently trying to find her brain?

  10. cutthecrap

    casting call for Olsen twin look alike?

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