1. cagster

    Wilson? Is that you?

  2. Even a great ass needs to switch things up now and again. For Christ’s sake, buy another bikini, or root for another team.

  3. lily

    please start photoshopping someone elses face on her body. she looks great from the neck down but i just cant get over that face

  4. mamamiasweetpeaches

    HER again??? Really now. Is she paying u guys???

  5. Blech

    “No, wait… Move the ball… a little to the left… No, YOUR left. And then lift it up… Not to high… Right up to your forehead…”

    • DusktillDawn

      Spain beat Italy 4:0 in the finale! So hopefully we won’t have to see this lame chick again.

  6. I must be missing something. What’s wrong with her face? In fact, I don’t see anything wrong with her at all other than she’s in Miami instead of upstairs making me a chicken sandwich.

  7. mrsmass

    seriously, her again?

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