1. Wow, I hate to say this but she actually looks decent here

    • DeucePickle

      Exactly what i was thinking. Had to double check that this was really Sharon Stone.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        Yes, the face looks really good which I naturally didn’t notice until I was done staring at her party hats.

  2. Perplexity

    Ooh. Elderly see through. No matter how you wrap it, a raisin is a raisin.

  3. It’s the power of tits.

  4. More and more, I am convinced that Catherine Tramell’s “I don’t wear underwear” philosophy was not originally part of the screenplay for Basic Instinct, but was added after she was cast.

  5. DesperateForAttentionSaysWhat?

  6. Oh no, not again

  7. farting old man's wife

    The guy behind her is pulling the strings that keep them “Perky”!

  8. kimmykimkim

    Whatever, bitch.

  9. I got my nipples in Paris, and they goin’ gorillas!

  10. 2 words come to mind….Ear elephant…Earelephant…irrelevant.

  11. Cock Dr

    Yeah, we’re all so impressed.

  12. lily

    still looks good for someone my moms age. the outfit is classless though

  13. I think she looks incredible here, and flashing her tits is pure bonus.

  14. So tired of your tits, Sharon. Put them the fuck away, woman.

  15. tlmck

    This is the problem with Sharon. You never know which version is going to show up.

  16. Lita

    I was trying to scratch the spot off my computer screen when I realized it was her nipple.

  17. LockNLoad

    Still looks great for 54…heavily botoxed and all. Still looks toned from the waist down also.

  18. Frank Burns

    Oh great, Madonna started a tit-flash trend in the over-50 crowd.

  19. QtPi

    Trying. Way. Too. Hard.

  20. Those are some amazing tits for a woman her age.

  21. jdjones

    She can have me if she plays her cards right…..

  22. get serious

    Desperate. That’s how I’d characterize a 50+ woman who resorts to showing off her tits to make people notice her…

  23. gigi

    aww, shame…. Sharon’s trying to pull a Rhianna… the poor thing…

  24. saavik001

    My Basic Instinct is to avoid Sharon half naked.

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