1. As cute as he was, fluffy ended up as that’s night dinner special…

    • Robert

      “Fluffy”? Since when are Dachshunds fluffy? That dog was bred to hunt badgers; f***ing tunnel warfare, my friend.

  2. JC

    That’s not make up. Danny just wandered onto set like that.

  3. Perplexity

    Lindsey Lohan patiently waiting for makeup before a photoshoot.

  4. farting old man's wife

    Big tough guy getting puppy kisses!! Priceless!!!

  5. Emma Watson's Vagina

    i hope he is not following in the footsteps of Paris Hilton. as he will need ten Machete’s to protect him.

  6. Shouldn’t that be a chihuahua? (annnnnnnnnnd I’m going to hell)

  7. That dog likes moon pies (I meant crater faces.)

  8. tlmck

    Awe. Daddy got a boo boo.

  9. Cock Dr

    Truly Man’s Best Friend…..they never judge, they never take the car keys or the credit card.

  10. journalschism

    Machete don’t give a f*ck about scripts.

  11. Giorgio

    Dude’s 68 years old

  12. Ma Che Tey

    After that Dachshund licks some Trejo blood, it turns into a Rottweiler.

  13. Blech

    Dog-loving men are hot.

  14. You’ll note that in these comments, no one has the balls to make fun of Mr. Trejo.

  15. I read that some years ago he got his life all straightened out after a lot of crime, drugging and incarceration. He is a total bad ass (was a good boxer) and, I suspect, a really nice guy.

  16. Joe Blow

    Wow, look at that dog lick his asshole!

  17. Vlad

    When Dachshunds Attack

  18. Danny is the sweetest guy. Fuckin’ puppy just tore out his eyebrow and he’s totally cool with it.

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