1. neo

    so when did sean penn become mexican

  2. Classic- douche-off… May the douchiest one win!

  3. Penn “Nice sandals dude! Look like some I have!
    Douche “Really?”
    Penn “No!”

  4. bromana

    That is Chris Chelios, no?

  5. “No, no, Sean, you have to take shorter, quicker strides or people are going to figure you’re still straight…”

  6. bikini_inspector

    Jeff Spicoli: The later years.

  7. Raoul

    And of course, there’s a manhole in the picture.

  8. Caps Lock

    This picture is its own joke.

  9. Contusion

    Couple of scheisters.

  10. Aceman

    When he walks, his boots go douche, douche, douche.

  11. You’re honestly trying to tell me that neither of these guys is homeless?

  12. “This is how you do the douche step. It’s just like line dancing.”

  13. tlmck

    On the set of the new buddy cop show “Spicoli and Julio”.

  14. hijkmno

    Sean looks sexy as all hell here…I want to lick tequila off his everything.

  15. saavik001

    “This reminds me of when Saddam taught be to skip”

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