1. neo

    Leggings are not for fat chicks. Right?

  2. Only a person who could look at herself in a mirror and say “I’m going to wear tights on my huge thighs” would also look in a mirror and say “yes, this is a face for going outdoors in”

  3. One girl, two cups.

  4. lily

    fat and disgusting

  5. There’s a strange and subtle symmetry going on between her legs and that guy’s arm…

  6. She missed the ‘yoga’ part of the pants.

  7. Who’s Deena Porktese?

  8. CK

    Cankles, thunder-thighs, dumpy hips, invisible chest, ugly face, limp hair… MTV chose THIS?

  9. John Travolta

    Deena Cortese is so cheesie….

  10. Blech

    Stunning! For NJ standards.

  11. Maybe if she would just fucking SMILE once in a while…

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