1. neo

    nice dog waling outfit, dumbass

  2. MY VALTREX!!!! NO!!! Fluffy, don’t eat it!! On second thought, eat it…

  3. Brian Blessed's Bastard Boy

    Hurry up! Mommy’s show can’t stay in there forever!

  4. It took Katie Holmes bending over to make me glad to see JWoww’s tits.

  5. Two questions pop in mind: 1) How much poop can those puppies make? and 2) How much crap can that poor little dog take?

  6. bernard

    that dog should be walking you

  7. “Mommy can’t be certain this shit is yours or Snooki’s!”

  8. Wow. Two bags of shit. Don’t see that every day.

  9. I see she’s still walking bow-legged from that serious sausage pounding I gave her…

  10. lily

    shes fucking disgusting. looks like a walking STD

  11. Raoul

    “Hold on, sweetie. I gotta use this bag to pick up my career.”

  12. anonym

    that’s right. pee on that foot

  13. Jon

    I think you posted this in the wrong section: she didn’t miss this crap.

  14. Urvag

    More like bow wwow derrr

  15. Blech

    Kids, do not wear this at home. Or anywhere for that matter. Even dogs will be disappointed with this choice of outfit.

  16. Ruth

    The crap she didn’t miss.

  17. QtPi

    How much is that doggie walkin’ a ho? The one with the tacky ass drawers. How much is that doggie walkin’ a ho? Let’s hope she won’t pass on her sores…

  18. spartacus

    JWooWW? I thought this was an old picture of Grace Kelly, such was the ‘classy’ being exuded.

  19. saavik001

    I got this bitch trained…

  20. saavik001


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