1. Is Paula Deen already back out making public appearances?

  2. sweet peaches

    he looks like an old lesbian. sigh

  3. Batu Khan

    I’m a Little Teapot…

  4. I'mCool

    When he holds his hands like that you can’t tell that they took his thumbs.

  5. You have to be born that way to stand like that.

  6. EricLR

    They should have never let him buy an art gallery.

  7. Schweddy Snatch

    Gotta pee…gotta pee…gotta pee…

  8. God, she was good in “Annie Hall”.

  9. Nonnie Moose

    No one gives a shit about Eric Roberts.

  10. You bring your knees in tight.
    But it’s the pelvic thrust
    That really drives you insane.
    Let’s do the time-warp again!

  11. cc

    I can just see the casting director now…’We need a troubled manchild…get Eric Roberts agent on the phone.’

  12. Robb7

    He’s doing the hokey-pokey to entertain the post menopausal women attending this crapfest.

  13. Cameran Diaz doing her best Diane Keaton impression…

  14. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    This is the look of the quintessential Hollywood sleezeball. Never got that famous or that rich, but famous & rich enough he’ll bowl over the newly arrived naive but goodlooking wannabe starlets looking to make their way in Tinsletown. He’ll promise to open many doors for them, saying he sees in them the next ____ ______ (god forbid he uses his sister’s name to fill in this blank spot), all the while fucking them with the intention of dumping them as soon as the next lot of naive meat arrives on deck.

    Lucky bastard.

  15. Schadenfreude

    Mick Jagger hasn’t looked this good in years!

  16. In the barn

    They took my thumb Paullieeeee!

  17. I kind of like him, but then I’m pretty fucked up — in the head.

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