1. Those tits were definitely made for radio. Wait….

  2. I think Photo boy misspelled their last name

  3. Who are these people?

    More importantly, why are they covering their tits?

  4. So your sister get massive boobies and becomes a media whore, so you follow her footsteps?
    Logical indeed.

  5. whocares

    So wait. Playboy models who don’t do nudity?

  6. CK

    Tits on radio.

  7. bare tits on a radio show…are we sure this isn’t Howard Stern?

  8. cc

    More like ‘why’

  9. Who? Oh, wait, boobs. I get it.

  10. Oh, I’ll tell you Howe…

  11. It’s a radio show, why are they showing their boobs? The viewers can’t see them. More importantly, why are they covering their boobs?

  12. Paully Boston Baby!

    Now would be a good time to Reach for the Stars ladies!!!

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