2. Someone get Kate Upton away from those two before they infect her with wrinkles.

  3. Batu Khan

    I’m trying, I’m trying. But even kicking your ass won’t make your boobs stick out more.

  4. If I’m a photo editor and my photographer came back with a shot of Kate Upton in 3/4 view and obscured by something, I’d immediately fire them for not getting the point at all.

  5. alex

    Leslie, you’re grabbing the wrong rack!!!

  6. EricLR

    No seriously, they’re so small that they actually generate a vacuum. Just grab them and TRY to pull your hands away!

  7. Andie

    Oh poor Cameron. Time has not been kind. Leslie is aging well though from what I can tell. Beautiful.

  8. cc

    No one expected a kangaroo fight to break out.

  9. Dirk Diggler

    “Hold still grandma ! If I just put my foot here , I just might be able to lift them up. “

  10. Eric Roberts just doesn’t look good in ANYTHING anymore. Time to retire.

  11. …no way this thing is any good.

  12. JB

    “Ahahaha no seriously LET GO.”

  13. “You’re ruining the shot, Cameron. Get the fuck out of here!”

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